Virtues of Ramadan: Hadith 05

Alhamdulilah!!! Ramadan is at its half way point which means its over the last two weeks we have worked so hard at improving our iman and getting closer to Allah. Despite this, these are the days we should keep close to our hearts. I am sure we have seen the crowd at Taraweeh reduce since the first week and I can tell you there will be a sharp rise in the number over the next couple of days as we would experience the same rush we had at the beginning of Ramadan at its end. May Allah touch our hearts and make it easier for us. Today's hadith is one which highlights the blessings we sometimes miss during our urge to replenish our bodies with food. As soon as its time for Iftaar, we just want to eat so much so that we forget to make the simplest of Du'as.Abu Sa'eed Khudri RA relates that Rasulullah (SAW) said: "During each day and night of Ramadan, Allah sets free a great number of souls from Hell. And for every Muslim, during each day and night, at least one prayer is certainly accepted."

COMMENTARY Apart from this Hadith, there are many others stating that the Du'as of a fasting person is accepted (Mustajab). In my previous posts, i have provided Quranic and Hadith references proving that Du'as are most accepted at the time of Iftaar, but we are generally so absorbed in eating that we neglect this opportunity.

The well-known Du'a at Iftaar is: "O Allah - for You have I fasted, in You do I believe, and on You do I rely, and now I break this fast with food coming from you."

Abdullah bin Amr RA used to make the following Du'a at Iftaar: "O Allah I beg You, through Your infinite Mercy, which surrounds all things, to forgive me."

In some books we read that Rasulullah SAW used to say: "O You who are Great in Bounties, forgive me."

Many other prayers have been indicated for Iftaar, but no special Du'a is fixed. This time at Iftaar is truly a time when one's Du'a is accepted. Thus, let us ensure to take part in making any of the aforementioned Du'as or any other as the rewards are more than we can imagine.

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