Where Do You Stand by @RebelliousI

Salam WaLekum, today's post would be slightly different from what you have come to expect of this blog. Over the next couple of weeks, i would occasionally give a few guest bloggers the opportunity to write a few things on here. We will start off that chain of events with a little but powerful piece written by a fellow blogger and a great fighter for the propagation of the deen who I coincidentally share the same name with and majored in the same field with. Without further ado, Brothers and Sisters, I present to you Lekan Fuad Lawal. All credits belong to him. You can follow him on twitter @RebelliousI and make sure to checkout his blogs for more write ups similar to what you are about to read at his page.

This was Umar ibn Khattab, The pride of the Makkan Arabs, Beautiful in speech, Steady riding gallantly with ease, The champion of the wrestling squares, The champion drinker amongst his booze peers. The one whose hands buried daughters alive, Because he saw daughters as objects only meant to deprive, The one who hated the belittling of his gods, The one who volunteered to kill the Prophet (SAW)  against all odds...

...This is Umar ibn Khattab, Al Faruq, Loyal to his Lord and his Prophet, Choosing his deen over his profit. The one who became Ameerul Mumineen, But still lived humbly like a Miskeen. The one who loved his deen more than he did his life, The one who was promised bliss in the Afterlife. And finally, the one who died as a martyr.

This was you, Turning your back on your Lord and claiming to obey his rules. Claiming to walk the line between falsehood and the truth, When In truth, you are confused. Claiming to walk with your Lord even through a mesh, When the true talk is, your devotion is just to your flesh. Saying in with sweet words how you love this deen, But failing miserably in speaking with your limbs.

This is you, Sincere servant of Allahul Hayyu. Having knowledge of his Words, Walking to Him even through phlegm and swords, Sincere Conviction on the inside, Unbarred implementation on the outside. Living in the Light of his Prophet, Serving him with your life and profit. Loving what He loves, Hating what he abhors. Fearing His Wrath, Hoping for his Promise of Rebirth.

Which is you? The you of then or of Now? The you of 'is' or of 'was'? Its either then or now, Is or was. No middleground. Make firm your stand NOW.