#SunnahFriday - Blessings of Allah

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "Reflect on the blessings of Allah and do not reflect about the attributes of Allah (that humans cannot comprehend)." - Tabaranee

"Whoever sees someone in affliction and says: 'All praises is for Allah, the One who saved me from that which He has tested you with and Who has favored me over much of His creation.'; would not be afflicted with that trial." - At-Tirmidihi

From the moment we wake, the recognition of Allah's favors upon us becomes clear. Our senses, our ability to walk pass a person on a wheelchair or reading about a car crash in the paper. The Muslim whose heart is aware of he favors of his Rabb on him is fortunate and immensely blessed. He will continue to praise and glorify Allah due to the blessings bestowed upon him. This could be good health, protection from evil or just making it safely back from from work. 

"..so, remember the graces bestowed on you from Allah, so that you may be grateful." - Q7:69