#SunnahFriday - Why Friday?

The Prophet (SAW) said: "Friday has five characteristics: on this day Allah created Adam, on it He sent down Adam to earth, on it Allah caused Adam to die, on it there is a time when a person does not ask Allah for anything but He gives it to him, so long as he does not ask for anything haram and on it will the Hour begin. There is no angel who is close to Allah, no heaven, no earth, no wind, no mountain and no sea that does not fear Friday." - Ibn Majah

"O you who believe! When the call to prayer is proclaimed on Friday hasten earnestly to the remembrance of God, and leave aside business. That is best for you if but you knew." - Q62:9

A lot of good deeds need to be performed on Fridays so as to attain the mercy of Allah.

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "The five daily prayers and from one jumah to the next is an expiation for whatever sin comes in between them, so long as one does not commit a major sin." - Muslim

It is also sunnah to pray Fajr on a Friday in congregation with Surah al-Sajdah recited in the first rakah and Surah al-Insaan in the second rakah. The choice of these Surahs is because they speak of the creation of Adam and explain the events of the day of judgment; both that happened and will happen respectably on a Friday.

"The Prophet (SAW) said: There is no Muslim who dies during the day or night of Friday but Allah will protect him from the trials of the grave." - Tirmidhi

There are so many virtues of the day Friday and it is easy to see why it its the best of days similar to the way Ramadan is the best of months. Below are some Ibadah to recite on Fridays which protects one from evil and results in our sins being forgiven by Allah.

  1. Surah Ikhlas (Q112) - 7 Times
  2. Surah Falaq (Q113) - 7 Times
  3. Surah Nas (Q114) - 7 Times
  4. Subhaan Allahil-Azeemi wa Bihamdihii (Glorified is Allah, the Greatest and Praised) - 100x
  5. Surah al-Kahf (Q18)