Noor At Noon by @rhaihan_jannah

These words came to me on the last rakaah of the noon prayer

In the hour when I stepped on my shadow

and it raised me up like a platform

I've been neglecting my Sajdahs, while I bowed to this Dunya

Striving to be on fleek and buff, a slave to my own nafs

Neglecting the words of my Lord , illahin-Nas!

I ask, What's a muslimah without her salah?

They say; A mannequin in a veil, held snugly by a hijab pin

Nay, I am just a struggling human, drowning in a bucket of faith, how smaller can I get?

Strangling myself with thoughts of thinking, the knowledge of knowledge, surviving the migraines.

How do the believers sail their believing souls through God's blue oceans and manage to stay pure?

Do the pearls not attract us?

Does the salt not scrub our skins raw?

Who guides us right?

Who lights the light.

Ya Rabb, thank you for the gift of sight.

Subhanallah, he has lifted us beyond lofty heights.