Importance of Sending Durood on our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

An essential thing that a large portion of the Muslim community disregard or does not realize in time is the habit of sending Durood on Allah's last Prophet (SAW). When you send endowments on the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it is of much noteworthiness because Allah has declared in his Holy book that doing all things considered Himself close by the grand orderlies and after that requested the devotees to do in like manner.

There are many hadiths and verses of the Holy Quran that prove how important it is to send Durood on our Holy Prophet (SAW), please have a look at them:


  • Order of Allah (SWT)

Allah (SWT) has said in the Holy Quran:

"Surely Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Holy Prophet (SAW). O you who believe! Send Blessings (Durood) and Salutations (Salaams) on the Prophet with worthy Salutation." - Quran33, Verse 56

This verse of the Holy Quran clearly states that even the Angels of Allah send blessings on the Prophet (SAW), so that is an obvious indication that it is of great importance and the one who is in the habit of doing so will get a great reward on the Day of Judgment as Allah says.


  • It is a bridge between Allah and your wishes

It is said that Durood shareef acts as a bridge between your dua and Allah as when you make a dua, it hangs between the sky and above so when you make a dua with reciting Durood shareef before and after the dua so that it will be heard sooner than later. What else do you need in life? Durood shareef benefits you more than anything else in the world.


  • It minimizes your sins

It said by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that:

"He who reads a single Durood upon me, Almighty Allah blesses him ten times, ten of his sins are forgiven, and he is increased ten times in stages (internally).(Mishkaat)

This is how Durood shareef will erase your sins, ten sins at one time. And it not just removes your sins but also makes you a lot higher in the internal contentment. If you are happy and satisfied internally, so you have made your connection with Allah stronger!


  • It brings you closer to the Prophet (SAW)

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was the best person ever walked on this planet and what is the greatest blessing than that you get close to him (SAW)? Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stated:

"On the Day of Qiyamah, the closest to me from among the people will be those who have read the most amount of Durood Shareef." (Tirmidhi)

So each time you send a blessing on Prophet Muhammad (SAW), you get one step close to him.

It is currently obvious that sending Durood Pak is in flawless dutifulness to Allah Almighty and in entire congruity with the lessons of our last Prophet (SAW). So there comes no extension to pick whatever else when Muslims have the expressions of Allah and His Prophet (SAW).

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