Mama, can you hear me?

Mama, can you hear me?Oh...

August sixteen special, I was born in God’s favor. Mama gave birth in tears. I just wanna thank you, ain’t no way I could repay you. Strongest woman that I know, you’ve been my motivator. And just know I’ll be everything that you said I would. Only focus is hoping that all my family good. A lot of ups and downs, a lot of hard times. A lot of cloudy days, praying for that sun to always shine. Lord bless her soul, mama ready to do whatever. Three kids, different jobs, how did you ever do it? Tryna make a living, days like these got me reminiscing. How do you feel? Mama showed me real love. Can’t recover from those years, too much emotion to feel. We were covered in bills, mama working them long nights. It’s why I love her to death, she was always there. Praying for me every day, Lord honor my steps. I hope you hear people, if yo mama’s around you gotta cherish the love, gotta savor the smile. Never go for nothing, gotta keep it 100. You are the epitome of a strong black woman. Mama, do You hear me?

Dear mama I just wanna say I love you And if you left today I don’t know what I’d ever do. Saying this boy ain’t nothing like his mama. Through the road blocks, fake friends and the drama. Different girlfriends and a chick named karma. Real eyes realize I could always count on her. Any time of day, any time of night. Been there from the start up on this journey called life. Now I’m 24 and grown, thousands of miles from home. Thankful for it all, know it’s been a bumpy road. But here i am staring at this audemars thinking about how time flies. Boy was i trouble, running away from all them whooping. But I understand, made me a better man. You hear me mama, told you would never want again. I put my pain in these words, you are a believer in me and Im just living the dream. Talking about the struggle, start to give me chills. God knows times were hard and people didn't help. Wasn’t for my mama, don’t know where I’d be today. Lord have mercy. Don’t know where I’d be today.

Ain’t no love like mama’s love. Mama, can you hear me? When all your false friends are gone. You know mama’s gonna stay.

Mama, can you hear me? Yea, that’s how we do. Ain’t no love like my mama’s love.