The Woman I Want to Be by @ms_hanie

After The Man I Want To Be post, the response from our readers was immense and so many sisters asked for the female perspective on the topic. This was a challenge Sister Haneefah was willing to take head on and she came up with a wonderful take on the topic. Please, do not forget to check out her blog and follow her on twitter and instagram. Enjoy!


The Daughter I choose to be

I want them to be be able to make Jannah, so I keep myself pure. I want to continue being a source of joy to my parents. I want to help them in any possible way, be responsible, obedient and respectful to them.

The wife I choose to be

A woman is married for four reasons; for her wealth, for her fame, for her beauty and for her religion. I want my husband to marry me for my religion because it would be best for him. I want to be a strong and wise woman (in character). I want to be the woman that continues to pray for her husband. I want to be the woman that will be a listening ear, a strong support and source of help and encouragement to her husband. I want to be the wife that appreciates her husband. I want to be the woman that shares.

The Mother I choose to be

I want to be able to be a fountain of beneficial knowledge to my children (if Allah wills). I want to be their first love and best friend. I want to raise pious kids. I want to teach them to be good and kind. I want to be the woman that feeds her family.

Finally, The woman I want to be

I want to be honest at all times. I want to be successful in life. I want to earn money from halal sources and use it in benefiting the society. I want to be a productive and righteous woman.

...And I want to love...


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