#EssenceOf Ramadan - Fortitude


During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world are instructed to fast, abstain from food and water from dawn to the sun sets. This single act is a lesson, one of discipline and fortitude. During this month, our life as we know is disturbed, we will naturally feel hunger and thirst, some of us will feel weak. We may even have food placed in front of us without being tempted. However, we overcome this difficulties for an ultimate reward.

This is the life of a Muslim, one of patience, restraint and fortitude. We limit all we do to what has been permitted for us and do our utmost to say away from what has been forbidden by Allah. Ramadan helps to sort the difficulties encountered on the path of righteousness and truth; which we as Muslims must stand up to and face.

Ramadan helps build the year round fortitude and character needed to thread the right path. Ramadan in essence makes and shapes a Muslim.

Due to my schedule, I haven't been posting as much as I would love to. To make it up, I have decided to have two posts up today. The second post is on Laghw and Rafath. It can be found here.