Ramadan is Over; Now What?

Ramadan is a period when we cut ourselves off from the world and its allure. We strengthen our relationship with Allah. We fast, we pray more, we read the Qur'an more and reflect on its message and connect with it. We stay up late for the night prayers and sleep less. We seclude ourselves in the masjid. We seek out the Night of Majesty. We become in essence the perfect Muslim. The month of Ramadan is a process of self-cleansing. We should use the habits learnt in our everyday life.

Then comes Eid and we are back in touch with the dunya. We reconnect with it and accept its lusts. But really, is it worth throwing away all we worked for over the last 4 weeks. Some return to their old ways of dressing, the masjids become half empty, Ramadan is like a bank in which fortitude and patience are the currencies, such that that we can withdraw from it all year long.

  • Ramadan is over but we have multiple voluntary fasts coming up. The 6 days of Shawaal being the closest one of them, we have the Monday and Thursday fasts etc. And remember to make up missed fasts.
  • Ramadan is over but the night prayer is a year round activity.
  • Ramadan is over and with it goes Sadaqat ul-Fitr but we are enjoined to give zakat year round. Charity never stops.
  • Ramadan is over but you still have to lower your gaze and prevent yourself from slandering and irrelevant discussions.
  • Ramadan is over but our 'finish the Qur'an in 30 days' challenge doesn't stop there. We must connect with it daily.
  • Ramadan is over but we endured the marathon Tareweeh so why leave and find our obligatory prayers difficult to perform after the month.

"So remain on a right course as you have been commanded, (you) and those who have turned back with you (to Allah)" - Q11:112

The Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said: "Say 'I believe in Allah', then be steadfast." - Muslim

We must remain strong in deen and continue the good practice from the month of Ramadan and carry them over. We proved to ourselves what we are capable of; if you did it last week, you surely can do it next week, and next month and In Sha Allah everyday up until the next Ramadan.