Like a ship without a sail,
with no rudder at the tail,
adrift within a storm of life confusions,
I was beached upon a shore no chart had ever shown before,
when I jumped onto the sand I knew I found an island,
my island, Abebi.

I work the land from Monday until we sail the boat on Sunday,
to places on Lagos Island,
From Shitta to Agege,
where time passes quickly,
like the breeze across the bow,
and I'm safe within the shelter,
my island, Abebi.

Now I love the life I'm living and all that God has given,
the earth, sea and sky
and this good woman by my side.

My wife you see is everything to me,
I love her more each day,
she helps me see the way,
and we somehow seem to be best friends and now a family.

So we shall blow with the wind,
yarhamuk Allaah Abebi when she sneezes,
working together against life tides,
we'll tack together side by side,
through storms, doldrums and jives,
our love forever will survive.
You are my island, Abebi.



Sampled from and inspired by "My Island, Adrienne" by Paul Hoekman. All rights belong to the owner.