We Named Our Daughter

My daughter will be named today, and her name which was picked years ago will be Raeesah. Raeesah Fiyinfoluwa Omodesire Davies amongst others. All other names presented by her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles and well-wishers will remain valid and accepted.

That said, let me mention her first Yoruba name. Culture and tradition important to me, so also is open mindedness. Thus we took an alternative route with this one. Fiyinfoluwa simply translates to Praise God. She is a blessing to us all and news of her arrival has brought nothing but joy to us. Secondly, Omodesire means a child born into abundance/blessings.

Now let’s go back to her first name. Raeesah has Arabic origins and loosely translates to ‘Princess’. She has royalty flowing through her veins and no better way to encapsulate this. Raeesah also means ‘head’ or ‘master’. It is indirectly mentioned in the Quran (Q19:4). Being the first child in an African household comes with a responsibility and require leadership from a young age. A role I have belief she would grow into. A ‘master’ who would achieve great things in this world. One who would be a success in both worlds in sha Allah. Raeesah also; and on a deeper level mean ‘the best woman amongst a group of women’. Pretty self explanatory but better believe this child of ours will dominate both sexes.

That said, the last week has been amazing. Carrying this tiny innocent child in my arms puts life into perspective. She doesn’t cry much and when she does, it’s because she is hungry. She smiles when I rub her head and she stares at me as if she understands every word I say to her. And she has overcome so much already that I genuinely believe nothing can stop her from achieving anything she sets her mind to.

I pray God blesses our daughter. May she be a source of noor to us all. May she be granted the best of this world and the next. May she be amongst those whose hearts and minds are in constant remembrance of their Rabb. Ameen.

I want to thank everyone for being a part of this wonderful experience with us. We have come to understand the importance of family and friends. And having been here for and with us, we deeply appreciate you guys. We love you guys, and we wish you the best that we wish ourselves.

Alhamdullillahi Robil-Alamin. We named our daughter.

Raeesah Davies - August 15, 2019.