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Importance of Sending Durood on our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

An essential thing that a large portion of the Muslim community disregards or does not realize in a time of their lives is developing the habit of sending Durood on Allah's last Prophet (SAW).

When you send endowments on the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it is of much noteworthiness because Allah has declared in his Holy book that doing all things considered Himself close by the grand orderlies and after that requested the devotees to do in like manner.

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Al-Amanah (The Trust) by @Bintul_Rasheed

The closest one can come to translating Al-Amanah is as the fulfilling or upholding of trusts. Al-Amanah as with a lot of Arabic words has a broader meaning (which will be more apparent further down), there is no English term that encompasses the full meaning of the word. Al-Amanah is said to be when a person fulfills his due obligations to Allah Almighty firstly and then to those around him. Anything that is entrusted upon you becomes a form of Al-Amanah. In the case of Deen, we have our salah, our fasts and charity to name a few; that are rewarded by Allah when we do them and punished when we ignore them

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Then I decided to wear my Hijab!

I see myself as a trendy lady; a power dresser with accounts on every social media platform you can think of. I was living the life, then I decided to start wearing my Hijab. When my family members and friends noticed my new mode of dressing, they were both amazed and pleased at the same time. Some people gossiped amongst themselves that it was probably just a phase and i would be out of it in a few weeks. But I had my mind made up and with the Mercy of Allah, I would have the grace to continue even though I knew it would be the start of a difficult journey.

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