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Ramadan is Over; Now What?

Ramadan is a period when we cut ourselves off from the world and its allure. We strengthen our relationship with Allah. We fast, we pray more, we read the Qur'an more and reflect on its message and connect with it. We stay up late for the night prayers and sleep less. We seclude ourselves in the masjid. We seek out the Night of Majesty. We become in essence the perfect Muslim. The month of Ramadan is a process of self-cleansing. We should use the habits learnt in our everyday life. Learn how to continue these practices after Ramadan.

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#SunnahFriday - Sadaqat ul-Fitr

Sadaqat ul-Fitr is the charity we give towards the end of Ramadan. It was instilled upon us by the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) the same year the Ramadan fast was made obligatory for all Muslims.

Sadaqat ul-Fitr is a way to atone for mistakes we make over the course of Ramadan so as to make our fast more acceptable to Allah. It is also a means to make people spend for the sake of our Rabb, thereby helping the needy and less privileged obtain basic necessities required to take part in the Eid celebration.

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